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I was…

February 23, 2010


I was… thinking about how grateful I am feeling like the luckiest man wondering what it was you first noticed embracing the way you remained focused I was… trying to visualise you and I creating a tribe remembering all the things I no longer hide sensing the closeness we now share living a life once […]

I sometimes imagine

February 21, 2010


I imagine your touch sometimes Cupping your hands in my face Forehead kisses Letting me know that love is here to stay I imagine thanking God every day                                        every time I pray I sometimes imagine ferry rides on Sundays                     jazz on Fridays          dinner on Tuesdays Dancing on Saturdays Followed by in-depth discussions […]

Nothing else matters

October 21, 2009


To live a fulfilled life Is to love To find love Taste it And finally embrace it. For without it Nothing else matters

Random thoughts

December 28, 2008


(i) It seems… …. Death has a way of deleting vital information. Funerals seem to paint a breathe-taking portrait of reality. …. Paranoia is a disease mostly common when one is at the top of their game. Everyone becomes a potential enemy. Truth is the cure. …Babylon forgets we and concentrates on I. (ii) Not […]

Feels like home

November 27, 2008


I am remembering the wide-open spaces Rivers that meandered Dams that held livelihood A trail of children walking from school The late afternoon Sunset upon us Another day A different kind of way I am remembering the straight narrow roads Leading me to places Leading me to the next settlement I want to preserve this […]

A Love song – curve ball mix

September 21, 2008


When we first met You made me wet Salivating Masturbating Ideas with no fear Dinner dates Coffee and cake You see I was drawn to you I was aching to make love to you Came so close I had you all worked up & moist Then I just disappeared My soul even wept Many years […]

What if I Win?

April 1, 2007


All those times my soul almost stopped and died Resistance signified my will to survive The negativity that surrounds me Daily Almost infecting everything I believe in Contaminating my reason for breathing Yet I still win The strength always lies within What if…? Against all odds Surviving because of my God My faith Why do […]


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