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Why We Love Zimbabwe….

November 15, 2011


‘I could be here an hour but I’ll be brief: Zimbabwe gave people in an intrinsic sense of belief in possibility of self. Even in its most challenging days Zimbos carry the tenacity and self belief of “YES I CAN” to see through adversity and challenge ourselves to realize bigger and better days. Hard to […]

Guest Post – What I Love About Zimbabwe – and Why I Came Back by MsFuzzyhead

November 1, 2011


    The feeling of the oppressive heat as a thunderstorm builds up The release when it rains The sun – when it rises, when it constantly shines, when it sets, The sound of jacarandas crunching underfoot, or under-wheel, The trees, in bloom, purple, red, yellow – fiercely African. The taste of the earth’s bounty […]

Guest Post: Why I love Zimbabwe….by Mrs SirNige

October 31, 2011


Mrs SirNige suggested that I share the ‘Why I love Zimbabwe…’ Series with others which I thought that was a brilliant idea. You see Mrs SirNige travels regularly and these are some of the photos she took on her recent travels. They make me want to travel throughout Zimbabwe and see it for myself! Here are some of the reasons why Mrs SirNige loves Zimbabwe… As […]

The ‘Why I love Zimbabwe’ Series

October 29, 2011


Sometime last year I wrote a blog about rebranding Zimbabwe. I felt like I poured out my heart about Zimbabwe and my love for her beautiful soul. Sadly a few months after this, I felt like I had done very little about rebranding Zimbabwe till about a few months ago. You see, I wasn’t entirely […]

Reason 4: Why I love Zimbabwe…

October 23, 2011


Sometimes when I travel, I am greeted by this – Harare International Airport. The airport has always been good at welcoming me back home every time…

Reason 34: Why I love Zimbabwe…

October 9, 2011


I’ve travelled a bit – seen a few things around the world and tried my luck at replacing this ‘national treasure’ of ours. If we’re being honest I’ve failed at that attempt…NOTHING beats Mazoe.

Reason 57: Why I love Zimbabwe…

September 22, 2011


And this is Reason number 57. On location in Kariba 


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