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My silence explained…

February 16, 2011


I haven’t blogged properly in almost 2 months now. And if you’re wondering why the silence – sadly and unfortunately I wasn’t kidnapped by ‘’Mugar-be’s Firing Squad’’ as reported on SKY News late last week! I simply took some time out from writing to fully appreciate and familiarise myself with my ‘new’ surroundings. I’ve moved […]

Zim trip update – final chapter

July 26, 2010


New Media I came across two new newspapers – H-Metro and NewsDay. I had been following the NewsDay updates for a while now via Twitter and other various newspapers. I heard about them both prior to this trip but I just hadn’t physically held them in my hands. On the first day of the working […]

Zim trip update part (iii)

July 12, 2010


I continue with the Zim trip update where I’ve been sharing various thoughts and observations about my short business trip last month. My disclaimer: I’m not an economist by any means so some of my ideas or thoughts are mere interpretations of situations or conversations. What I will say though, as a number cruncher with […]

Zim trip update part (ii)

July 4, 2010


Early last week by chance (or God inspired as I put it) I happened to be in one watering hole in Harare. The strategy was to sit down and brainstorm with M Snr (Dad). I had spent the day in various meetings gathering information and tonight I was in fact preparing for an important bank […]

Zim Trip June 2010 part (i)

June 22, 2010


This trip was designed to be short and action packed. I didn’t get to carry out my usual ‘Zim trip’ routine. I have a rather strange routine whenever I come home. For example I visit various supermarkets across Harare comparing prices in my attempt to gauge how the ‘common person’ is living. I talk to staff at work […]

Quick update

June 21, 2010


Travelled safely…lots of news to share shortly. Meeting and talking to various people – particularly those in business. The reality in Zimbabwe is quite interesting from the inside out….expect a scribe shortly.


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