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King Carrot Slot Review (RTP 96.3% | Hacksaw Gaming)

Are you looking for this King Carrot slot review? Well, we will give it to you here! The name alone grabbed our interest in this one. 

Is King Carrot the lord of only carrots, or of all crops in general? Is there a Queen Carrot and does he wear a crown? When certain games come from the ether, our imaginations might sometimes run away with us. 

We can confirm that he wears a crown and that he comes in two varieties: a King Carrot and a rarer Epic King Carrot. Both of these carroty monarchs are tied to a symbol change feature that can be triggered in the regular game as well as in a more persistent form during free spins.

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King Carrot Slot Review: A Cute Game

On a 7×7-sized gaming panel, King Carrot is a cluster-paying grid slot. With each new spin, 49 symbols pile up on the grid, generating clusters when at least five matching symbols land next to each other in a vertical or horizontal direction. 

Everything takes place in a beautiful glade with Hacksaw Gaming written all over it. When the reels aren’t spinning, take a time to relax and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere.

In addition, while they wait, random foodstuffs float around on the grid, leaves blow through the trees, and a humorous soundtrack oompahs in the background. 

It’s nearly impossible not to press the play button and see what happens next, a sensation that was increased once we completed a few bonus rounds and witnessed the symbol change feature in work.

King Carrot Slot Review

1. Volatility and RTP

King Carrot’s volatility has been reduced by Hacksaw, who has given it a 3 out of 5 ratings, putting it in the medium range. The theoretical return figures, which top out at 96.3% but might drop dramatically depending on the market, are best described as a range. 

This game is a Pocketz Series slot, which means it is mobile-focused, although it is just as enjoyable, if not more so, on any larger-screened device. Bet amounts range from 20p per spin to £/€100, and because it is a Pocketz Series slot, it is mobile-focused.

2. The Paytable

Adorable is an excellent description of the symbols on the paytable (there’s that word again). Grapes, pears, purple things, strawberries, berries, lemons, apples, and watermelons, in ascending order, are worth 5-10x the bet for clusters of 14+. 

Moreover, the regular carrot symbol can be used to create larger cluster levels, up to 500x for a full grid of 49 of them. 

Wild symbols are the love heart-eyed ‘W’ symbols, which can be substituted for any of the normal paying symbols. Also, while calculating wins, the King Carrot or Epic King Carrot symbols take the place of the carrot symbol.

3. Slot Features

Symbol transformations are a key feature in King Carrot, and they appear both in the regular game and during free spins. Additionally, when the Epic King Carrot arrives, you can get carrot-based multipliers, and be on the watch for the Bird Attack.

King Carrot

When a King Carrot symbol appears, it is replaced with a random paying symbol. The highest value carrot symbol is converted into all instances of this chosen symbol type, and a win evaluation is performed. 

Therefore, if more than one King Carrot lands, more than one symbol type will be selected. Every time a King Carrot appears on the reels, the symbol transform feature is activated for a respin.

Epic King Carrot

There’s a chance that 1 – 3 Epic King Carrots will appear in place of an existing carrot symbol when a Carrot transformation occurs. A random multiplier is added to a random carrot symbol for each Epic King Carrot in view. 

Multipliers range from x2 to x100 and just effect the winning carrot cluster. If there are two or more multipliers in a single win, their values are combined before they are used.

Bird Attack

The Bird Attack feature is going to activate, as indicated by the moves of bird shadows over the grid. Birds swoop in to remove at least one and up to all rows and/or columns of symbols, allowing new symbols to drop in. Neither wilds nor FS symbols are removed.

Carrot Carnage

The bonus game is activated by landing at least three FS symbols, which awards 10 free spins. During free spins, all symbols converted by the King Carrot continue in that state for the duration of the feature, and when a King Carrot lands on a spin, players get a respin, just like in the base game.

Bonus Buy

Players have the choice of buying free spins whenever possible. The cost is 110x the total wager, with an RTP of 96.41% when buying the feature.


Hacksaw Gaming’s King Carrot is a classic. It’s a wonderfully sweet slot that makes it difficult to resist just one more spin. 

The joyful Caribbean oompah musical mash-up provides a party vibe that’s simple to get swept up in, in addition to the squeaky cute pie symbols. Because this game isn’t the most complex game, seeing everything it has to offer didn’t take long, potentially limiting its shelf life when compared to something more demanding.

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