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La Fiesta Slot Review: RTP 96.19 %

With Relax Gaming‘s new La Fiesta slot review, you can join the Spanish celebrations and enjoy some refreshing salsa. The game has a festival theme and lots of interesting features that will ensure that you never experience a dull moment during your session.

Details of La Fiesta Slot Review

Here’s our take on the La Fiesta Slot game.

La Fiesta Slot – Themes & Design

The game begins with an animated intro showing where the action takes place while playing Spanish guitar. Everyone in the video goes crazy, and you can tell right away what kind of game to expect. La Fiesta, located in a small town in Spain, has a great aesthetic in terms of gameplay and dynamics. The intro teases a unique approach to gameplay while also building on the overall scene.

As previously stated, La Fiesta Slot review is a Latin themed game with a unique scenario. From the aesthetics and animations to the overall gameplay, there is nothing unique about this game. The game has a fantastic graphic style that is more like a cartoon than a slot machine.

The scrolls are displayed on a wooden platform, with the vibrant Spanish city dotted with colorful flags serving as a backdrop. The glitz of the game is enhanced by cute animations that appear in the background from time to time. Another highlight is the music theme, which captures the mood of the main festival while adapting to the gameplay.

La Fiesta Slot – Technical Info

In this La Fiesta slot review, the game is played on a 5×4 grid with 40 different ways of playing. Players can start by betting as low as $0.1 per spin, with the maximum bet option going up to $100 per spin. This provides a fairly wide betting range, which will appeal to both high rollers and risk-averse players.

When it comes to technical data, it’s not as whimsical as the rest. Since the game is driven by a medium to high volatile mathematical model, don’t expect to be flooded with wins; instead, adjust your batch wisely to stay in the game long term.

Relax Gaming, on the other hand, is assisting with an RTP of 96.19 %, which is slightly more than the industry average. Furthermore, depending on the activated features, it can be increased by up to 96.55 %. The hit frequency rate is also correct, as 21.88 % is quite low given the level of volatility.

It means that every fifth spin should theoretically result in a win, albeit this isn’t the highest hit rate we’ve witnessed so far. The highest potential, which is a stunning 14,778 times the stake, is the most astounding feature of the specs. If you play with the maximum stake choice, you might win up to $1,477,800 on a single spin.

La Fiesta Slot – Symbol

We are still indebted to the La Fiesta Slot design team, because everything in this game fits into the overall environment. The collection of symbols is no different, with the same general visual style and outstanding graphics. It has eight conventional symbols that are split in half on low pay and high pay.

At the lower end of the spectrum, we have a series of cards in the form of flasks filled with colorful liquids. The premium, which consists of a woman, a senior, a matador, and a bull, is the most valuable among the regulars in La Fiesta slot review. There is also a Wild symbol, or four different types of Wild.

Tomatoes, mashed tomatoes, 1×2 donkeys, and 1×3 donkeys are among them. They all function as normal Wild symbols, replacing other regulars to produce winning combinations or enhancing existing ones, and are all worth the same as the highest paying regular, so keep an eye on them. 

To come up with a winning combination, you need at least three of the same symbols on the payline, with a 5-of-a-kind combination paying the most. The following is a pay table for symbols on a single line:

  • Wilds pay out 10 times the stake.
  • Bull – the bet is multiplied by ten.
  • Matador – 3x the stake.
  • Senior – the bet is multiplied by 2.5.
  • 2x the bet if you’re a lady.
  • Royals – 0.7x the stake

La Fiesta Slot – Bonus Features

La Fiesta Slot review is packed with elements that will keep you amused during the session. The developers did an excellent job, and even the base game isn’t boring because there are a few features that can appear at any time during any base game spin.

  • Wild tomatoes will be tossed onto the grid and will remain sticky for the remainder of the round, which is called La Tomatina.
  • During the spin, the bull symbols in Pamplona will appear enormously piled.
  • A donkey named San Joan On the reels, a wild symbol with a progressive multiplier will appear. The reels respin and the donkey goes across the grid as it stands on its legs, with the multiplier increasing by 1x with each respin. You’ll get the last respin and the last +1x multiplier when the donkey falls horizontally.

Free Spinas Feature

Within this La Fiesta slot review, free Spins feature is the game’s beating heart. The feature is started when three Scatter symbols appear on the reels. There are four different Scatters that correspond to the four different types of Free Spins. The bonus mode you get is determined by the last Scatter that appears on the fifth reel.

The guitar Scatters are standard and do not activate any extra games, whereas rose Scatters activate Falleras mode, tomato Scatters activate La Tomatina mode, and bull Scatters activate Pamplona Free Spins mode. 

San Joan Free Spins is the fourth option, and it can’t be started in the usual method; however, we’ll get to it in a minute.

Falleras Free Spins

It is activated by landing base Scatters on the first and third reels, as well as the rose Scatter on the fifth reel. A mini-game precedes it in La Fiesta slot review, which sets the total number of spins as well as the multiplier with which the feature will begin. 

Each rose that lands during the mini-game increases the total number of spins by one, and gold flowers not only boost the number of spins but also the multiplier by one. 

The total number of roses landed will be the same as the number of Free Spins and multiplier you’ll receive. You may also gain more Free Spins by landing more flowers throughout the feature in La Fiesta slot review.

La Tomatina Free Spins

Landing base Scatters on reels 1 and 3, as well as the tomato Scatter on the fifth reel, will activate this mode in La Fiesta slot review. With 7 spins, you’ll enter the Free Spins round. During the feature, all tomato Wilds that land on the reels will become Sticky and remain in place until the feature ends.

Pamplona Free Spins

Pamplona mode is activated when base Scatters appear on the first and third reels, as well as a bull Scatter on the fifth reel in La Fiesta slot review. You’ll be taken to the bonus game, where you’ll be given 6 free spins. All bull symbols appear mega piled throughout the feature.

Gamble on a Tour Bus When the Free Spins round is triggered, you are given two options: gamble or collect. The Free Spins mode will be activated as soon as you press the collect button, while the gamble option provides you a 50/50 chance of upgrading the feature. 

The gamble feature has no upper limit; nevertheless, landing on the No Win icon will return you to the regular game, whilst hitting the top sector in the gamble feature would award San Joan Free Spins.

San Joan Free Spins

The only Free Spins mode that can be triggered by the Tour Bus Gamble feature instead of landing Scatters during regular play. You will be confronted with a wild 1×3 stallion with a multiplier that increases once you enter the feature. 

Within La Fiesta slot review, the symbols cross the playing field while standing vertically, and the reels respond with every move. In addition, each move multiplies the progressive multiplier by one. The last respin will be awarded after the stallion falls to a horizontal position, and 1x will be added to the total multiplier.

Those who want to skip the boring part and have fun right away can use the Buy Feature, which lets them choose which three Scatters will appear on the reels in their next spin. 

This will set you back 50 times your current bet. The scatter on the fifth reel will determine what you get, but you can still collect or bet from there using the Tour Bus Gamble feature. The Buy feature also increases the game’s RTP to 95.55%.

Choice of the best places to play La Fiesta Slot

You can choose where you will start the game after reading this La Fiesta Slot review. There are 2 variants of places:

Real Games

If you’re ready to dive into the Spanish action, you can take advantage of the welcome bonus offer from the list of casinos at the top of this page. 

We search all the casinos every day to bring you the best deals, so check the list of attractive bonus offers before making a deposit. To play La Fiesta Slot for real money and get your favorite bonuses, see the list at the top of this page or click on this link.

Play Demo

If you’re still not convinced that this title is right for you, you can play a demo version of the Relax Gaming masterpiece here at SlotCatalog. To play La Fiesta Slot for free, simply scroll up to the game container and hit the ‘Play Free’ button, or simply click on this link.

200 Spins La Fiesta Slot  Experience

Before we get into the details, it’s important to note that we tested Relax Gaming’s La Fiesta Slot review earlier, so we only played the demo version. Due to the small number of spins (even 5,000 spins cannot be considered a long run), it will not provide any objective information; therefore, we will only express our personal experience and subjective opinion about the game.

We wanted to see how liberal the game was both on paper and in practice, as well as find out how quickly we could trigger a bonus round. 

We soon realized how volatile and profitable La Fiesta Slot was as wins came more frequently, even though the theoretical hit rate was only slightly higher than 20%. 

We started our incredible journey through the wild cities of Spain with a $5 bet, full of enthusiasm and good luck, hoping for some big wins or at least some fun.

We don’t want to use the Buy Feature for several reasons:

  • First, we wanted to see how quickly the bonuses would appear in the main game.
  • Second, we wanted to see how quickly the bonuses would appear in the base game.

We didn’t expect it to happen in the first 100 rounds for the La Fiesta slot review, but the game surprised us by giving us the bonus so quickly.

Even though the Tour Bus Betting did not work as we expected, it yielded positive results, namely with the Pamplona Free Spins. The future total payout is 32x the stake, which is pretty good for the unexpected bonus round that popped up shortly after we loaded the game.

The other rounds were relatively unattractive, or at least not as profitable as we had hoped. We managed to get some good wins worth up to 12x the stake, but we quickly hit our target and didn’t care about the remaining spins in the session.

In summary, we came to the conclusion of La Fiesta Slot review is a very enjoyable and enjoyable slot, first and foremost because of the atmosphere, aesthetics, and soundtrack, and secondly because of the relatively frequent wins and extremely thrilling extras, which happen quite often. You can hit the jackpot while having fun at Relax Gaming’s creations. 

However, keep in mind that every session is different and the results are never the same, so we highly recommend that you give this title a try.

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La Fiesta Slot – Verdict

After all is said and done, Relax Gaming has created something truly unique and entertaining. The game not only has an excellent visual design and catchy music effects, but it also has tons of features that enhance the action and make sure you never get bored while playing.

The features heat things up and add excitement to the gameplay, while the animations make it seem dynamic. They are not only satisfying and entertaining, but also make for hilarious wins.

In terms of playability, it’s hard to imagine someone doing a better job than Relax Gaming. The original game is jam-packed with random features, but the Free Spins variant takes things to the next level and adds a whole new level of fun to the game. 

It immediately catches the eye, and the intricate details only add to the potential popularity of this game. Overall of this La Fiesta slot review, this is a pivotal moment in the gambling business and well worth a few spins.

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